ADW: Advanced Digital World.
The World of Advanced ICT Solutions.

In the modern digital universe there is a world where your demands and visions are followed by quality, precision and devotion. We put the word Advanced at the first place in both: our name and our work. Our aim is to deliver only the advanced solutions to the world of your digital requirements. In addition, to achieve a higher level of services provided.

Since 2007 we have been providing the variety of ICT services in the following sectors:

  • Web Solutions
  • Design
  • Media
  • Data Management
  • Networking/Administration/Engineering
  • Photography
  • Hosting
  • IT Support

For each of these categories we have proven track records with excellent references. We completely understand and respect the fact that finding the way for you personally and for your business through the digital world can be confusing and challenging. For these reasons the Advanced Digital World Team is putting a lot of effort that your journey through digital jungle will be safe, fruitful and rewarding for your expectations.

The World You Live In, Is becoming more Digital.
The Solutions You Need, Have to be Advanced.